“The World Is The Mind” by Ajahn Punnadhammo

“Samsara is complicated.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaSamsara is endlessly complicated.

You could study it your whole life and you wouldn’t
make a dent in the various possibilities
within samsaric existence.”

“Nibbāna is quite simple.aaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaIt’s the Unconditioned.

It’s not ‘this.’ It’s when the mind stops doing
‘this’ that it naturally experiences nibbāna.”

“Beings in samsara all want to find a footing.
They want to have some place to stand,
want to feel secure, want to base
the self on something.

“But the liberated person, the arahant, finds
no footing. He doesn’t need it. The mind
is limitless, unbounded, luminous.

“It’s all done right here.
It’s our mind that keeps us in bondage.
And it’s our mind that can set us free.”

To hear the full talk entitled “The World Is The Mind”
offered by Ajahn Punnadhammo on July 11, 2015,
as well as other talks by Ajahn Punnadhammo
click HERE.

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