“Meditations – Thoughts Arising” by Robert Pearce

“Meditations – Thoughts Arising”
by Robert Pearce

Richly layered colors and crisp black elements create a landscape of the mind.

In meditation, one observes the process of thoughts arising as consciousness arises with the thoughts. When the mind becomes steady and still, one is able to “watch” the events earlier and earlier in the process.

These pieces capture the mental formations, firing in sequence or resting in the moment before a thought arises to consciousness.

Robert has been practicing at LSLK with the Monday Evening Meditation Group since early 2011.

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2 Responses to “Meditations – Thoughts Arising” by Robert Pearce

  1. Barbara Davis says:

    When I browsed Robert’s show at Tomato Head last fall, I wrote to him:

    “The Abstracts . . . explore the one theme and would be spectacular hanging in a gallery in one room. Is the black “ocean” or lake the mind and the color above consciousness or awareness? I figure the dendrites and axons, so to speak, are the thoughts emerging during meditation.”

    Robert’s pieces may be said to be a Zen version of Tibetan thankas. And now I think the middle or white space in each painting may represent emptiness.

    Bowing, Barbara

  2. Brc says:


    Thank you so much for sharing your artwork with us! I see the black “ocean” or lake as the emptiness from which mental formations arise and the color above as consciousness arising to and being influenced by the formations.

    These are all excellent! Thank you.


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