Chanting (Pūjā & Reflections)

At the beginning of each meeting, we chant the following evening puja. We chant in Pāli (each page of the Pāli is followed by a page with the English translation). Attendees are welcome to chant along quietly, follow along silently in English, or begin their own meditation practice.

At the conclusion of each meeting, we recite one or more of the Reflections & Recollections – The Buddha’s Word on Lovingkindness, the Reflections on Universal Well-Being, the Reflections on Sharing Blessings – which are presented below after the evening puja.

(Page 1 – Pāli)

(Page 1 – English)

(Page 2 – Pāli)

(Page 2 – English)

(Page 3 – Pāli)

(Page 3 – English)

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