Joseph Goldstein

“This is our practice: becoming aware of how suffering arises in our
mind and of how we become identified with it, and learning to let
it go. We learn through simple and direct observation, seeing the
process over and over again until we understand it.”

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“Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom”
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aaaaaaaaaaa“You are sitting in meditation, watching the breath. All of a sudden your
aaaaaaamind settles into a different space. Even if it is just for a couple of moments,
aaaaaaayou feel a deeper kind of calm and peace. Instead of struggling to be with
aaaaaaathe breath, you begin just to rest with the breath in a very calm, effortless,
aaaaaaaaaaaThat is an insight through direct experience into the nature of calm and
aaaaaaatranquility. You do not think about them or reflect on them. You know that
aaaaaaadaffodils are yellow because you have seen them. You know the nature of
aaaaaaacalm and tranquility because you have felt them in your heart.
aaaaaaaaaaaThere are many such experiences, and many levels of each one; and
aaaaaaaeach time we know them directly, it is as if we open to a new way of seeing,
aaaaaaaof being. This is insight.”
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa“The Buddha’s teaching inspires the journey because he
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarticulates so clearly where the path of practice leads: to
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadeeper levels of insight and freedom, to that purity and
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahappiness of a mind-heart free from grasping, free from
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahatred, and free from ignorance.”

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